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With KickStart’s irrigation pumps, farmers transform their livelihoods and establish profitable, sustainable, and climate-resilient enterprises. The secret is selling in the off-season – capturing higher profits when supply is low.

Year-round income

With irrigation, farming families earn income year-round – independent of the rains – escape the “hungry season”, invest in other profitable farming businesses (e.g. dairy, poultry, farm-shops, etc.) and pay for education, healthcare, and housing.

Our impact to-date


people out of poverty 


successful farming enterprises


people fed with fruits and vegetables


pumps sold


additional farming jobs


generated in new profits & wages annually


8 minutes

Every 8 minutes 1 person is lifted out of poverty as a result of our work and products.


Families, on average, earn $700 in new net income per year from irrigation alone. They then can make other investments, and on average increase their overall farm-based incomes by 400%.

Outsized impacts on extreme poverty

In our Voice of the Farmer Study, over 2,400 of KickStart’s farmers were surveyed over five years to verify the impacts on farm-based earnings from using our pumps. Effects were especially pronounced for households living on under $2 a day. 


moved out of poverty


average increase in income after 18 months


average increase in income after 5 years

Impacts on per day income for those starting in extreme poverty

Before KickStart pump
18 months with KickStart pump
60 months with KickStart pump

Food security & childhood stunting

Irrigating households serve their immediate food needs and beyond by consuming and selling high value nutritious fruits and vegetables year-round, especially during the dry hungry season. 


months out of the year, farmers with a pump consumed their crops, as opposed to 7.5 before owning a pump.


of surveyed farmers reported KickStart’s pump helped them fight hunger.


increase in childhood growth over two years versus households without pumps.

Climate resilience & mitigation

With our pumps, farmers can plant and harvest crops year-round, independent of the rains, replant after floods, and withstand longer dry seasons by using Africa’s wealth of ground and surface water.

ADAPTATION: 94% of surveyed farmers reported KickStart’s pump helped them adapt to climate change

• 40% Irrigated to save their rain-fed crops when rains suddenly stopped before crop maturity

• 18% Invested the new income from irrigation in drought-resistant seeds and/or fertilizer

INCOME DURING DROUGHT: 75% of farm income was attributed to irrigated crops during an intense drought year–offering a lifeline to beneficiary farmers

With irrigation, farmers can grow crops independent of the rain, a clear indication of the importance and opportunity on irrigation in enabling farmers to adapt to climate change.

MITIGATION: Over 100 million new trees planted by farmers using our pumps

With irrigation, farmers inter-crop trees on their plots, while others create successful tree nursery businesses, selling thousands of seedlings per year.  

Gender empowerment

Women are often responsible for household water management and vegetable production, known as “kitchen gardens” – comfortably positioning them for irrigation take-up. Robust research shows that with KickStart’ pumps, women gain control over this new income, improve their household and community standing, and, even become less vulnerable to gender-based violence. Their influence on household decisions increases, and they use the income to send all their children, especially their girls, to school. 


of women reported feeling empowered from owning and using a pump.


of women saw a major reduction in depression symptoms while owning and using a pump.


Women farmers experienced a 592% average increase in household income from irrigated crops.

  • “If the household income is good, then peace and harmony prevails in the house because the family receives all essential requirements. Before having the pump my income was very poor, we used to have several misunderstandings with my wife because I couldn’t manage to fulfill the essential needs of the family, but now I can manage and we have a happy marriage.”

    Mali Farmer Focus Group Study

  • Men and women reported increased joint decision-making on what to grow when to irrigate, and where to sell. Couples also reported spending more time together and deepening their love for each other.

    IFPRI & International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Qualitative Gender Empowerment Study

  • “My late husband left me with six young children, with the increased income from irrigation with MoneyMaker pump I’m capable of paying school fees and other school requirements for them.”

    Mali Farmer Focus Group Study

What farmers spend new income on

Purchasing Farm Inputs


New Products / Assets

School Fees

Hospital / Medical Expenses

Purchasing Food

Hear from our farmer entrepreneurs 



Model Entrepreneur 

Meet James

James wasn’t making enough to make ends meet, so he quit his job and rented a small plot of land to farm. He met KickStart’s Field Innovations Team, received an early Starter Pump prototype, and began irrigating. With his farming success, he built a new house, opened a new shop, and sent his kids to top schools.    

Impact Highlights

Expanded Enterprise

by employing 6 workers on his farm

Planning for the Future

by saving earnings in a new bank account

Investing in New Assets

including purchasing a piece of land worth $50,000

Meet James



Woman Entrepreneur

Meet Monika

Monika spent her days lugging buckets of water to her farm to support her family of 19, only earning $4 a day. She knew she needed a change, and once she heard about the MoneyMaker Hip Pump, she knew it was time to take a leap of faith. Monika’s since expanded her farm to 2 acres and is growing cilantro, kale, green onions, and sorghum. At 66, Monika is paving the way for other women in her community to become confident and successful businesswomen.

Impact Highlights

Increased Income

5x from $4 a week to $20 a week

Diversified Crops

With cilantro, green onions, sorghum, and kale

New assets

Raising cows, geese and chickens

Meet Monika



Climate Resilient 

Meet Agatha

Agatha farmed a small vegetable plot to feed and support her family of six, but more frequent dry spells made it impossible to depend on the rain, causing repeated crop losses. She saved up for a MoneyMaker pump and started irrigating, adding high-value crops to her rotation. With access to water, not rain, Agatha changed her odds, expanded her enterprise, and transformed her livelihood.

Impact Highlights

Increased Crop Cycles

From 1 to 3 per year

Expanded Size of Farm

Increasing the area of cultivation 10x

Increased income

By 15X

Meet Agatha



Serial Entrepreneur

Meet Mercy

After high school, Mercy wanted to get a job in an office, but she couldn’t find one. To make money, she and her husband started farming, but with infrequent rains, her crops failed. It wasn’t until she received a Starter Pump, that her vegetable enterprise thrived. And as a natural entrepreneur, she’s also renting her pump to her neighbors for $2 a day, empowering them to change the way they’re farming and greatly increase their income.

Impact Highlights

Increased income

By selling high value produce year-round she is able to sell more, invest in high-value produce and chickens

Local Irrigation Advocate

By renting her pump, Mercy is spreading irrigation and its benefits across her village

Planning for the future

Using the Starter Pump enabled all her children to go to school

Meet Mercy

Enabling Farmers to irrigate

KickStart tackles the last mile-challenge through our programs that are focused on education, access, and affordability.

Enabling impact at scale

KickStart leverages its high-potential partnerships to bring irrigation to a diverse network of farmers.

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