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We’re irrigating Africa, one farmer at a time

KickStart is unleashing the power of enterprise with the irrigation tools that enable millions of smallholder farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa to tackle poverty on their own terms. With our innovative water pumps, farming families break their dependence on seasonal rains, harvest high-value crops year-round, adapt to climate change, improve quality of life, reduce hunger, build businesses, and strengthen livelihoods.


of Africa’s poor are smallholder farmers

The vast majority rely on seasonal rains to water their crops. Irrigation offers a transformative opportunity for them to increase their incomes.


of Sub-Saharan Africa’s land is irrigated

An estimated 20% of farmers can easily access ground or surface water right on their farms–representing +20 million families that can change their lives with the right tools.


of Africa’s renewable ground water is being used

By using human and solar-powered pumps, farmers build profitable and climate-smart agricultural enterprises, without depleting aquifers.

Innovating for Africa

KickStart designs and develops climate-smart, highly affordable, and reliable irrigation tools that enable farmers to transform their livelihoods and build lasting food security. These appropriate technologies are specifically designed for the complex needs of smallholder farmers and generate new incomes. 

Measurable, lasting impact

KickStart’s interventions don’t just generate a small bump in income, they empower a family to climb out of poverty permanently.


people out of poverty


successful farming enterprises


people fed with fruits and vegetables 

Awards & Recognition

An Africa-wide network of partners, farmers, and distributors

As a nonprofit social enterprise, local stakeholders are key to our mission for scale. We’re working to build a network of development partners, private sector actors, policymakers, and farmers to irrigate Africa.







Hear from our farmer entrepreneurs 



Model Entrepreneur 

Meet James

James wasn’t making enough to make ends meet, so he quit his job and rented a small plot of land to farm. He met KickStart’s Field Innovations Team, received an early Starter Pump prototype, and began irrigating. With his farming success, he built a new house, opened a new shop, and sent his kids to top schools.    

Impact Highlights

Expanded Enterprise

by employing 6 workers on his farm

Planning for the Future

by saving earnings in a new bank account

Investing in New Assets

including purchasing a piece of land worth $50,000

Meet James



Woman Entrepreneur

Meet Monika

Monika spent her days lugging buckets of water to her farm to support her family of 19, only earning $4 a day. She knew she needed a change, and once she heard about the MoneyMaker Hip Pump, she knew it was time to take a leap of faith. Monika’s since expanded her farm to 2 acres and is growing cilantro, kale, green onions, and sorghum. At 66, Monika is paving the way for other women in her community to become confident and successful businesswomen.

Impact Highlights

Increased Income

5x from $4 a week to $20 a week

Diversified Crops

With cilantro, green onions, sorghum, and kale

New assets

Raising cows, geese and chickens

Meet Monika



Climate Resilient 

Meet Agatha

Agatha farmed a small vegetable plot to feed and support her family of six, but more frequent dry spells made it impossible to depend on the rain, causing repeated crop losses. She saved up for a MoneyMaker pump and started irrigating, adding high-value crops to her rotation. With access to water, not rain, Agatha changed her odds, expanded her enterprise, and transformed her livelihood.

Impact Highlights

Increased Crop Cycles

From 1 to 3 per year

Expanded Size of Farm

Increasing the area of cultivation 10x

Increased income

By 15X

Meet Agatha



Serial Entrepreneur

Meet Mercy

After high school, Mercy wanted to get a job in an office, but she couldn’t find one. To make money, she and her husband started farming, but with infrequent rains, her crops failed. It wasn’t until she received a Starter Pump, that her vegetable enterprise thrived. And as a natural entrepreneur, she’s also renting her pump to her neighbors for $2 a day, empowering them to change the way they’re farming and greatly increase their income.

Impact Highlights

Increased income

By selling high value produce year-round she is able to sell more, invest in high-value produce and chickens

Local Irrigation Advocate

By renting her pump, Mercy is spreading irrigation and its benefits across her village

Planning for the future

Using the Starter Pump enabled all her children to go to school

Meet Mercy

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