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MoneyMaker Hip Pump

The MoneyMaker Hip Pump is unique to KickStart; developed to create a lower cost and lighter weight, portable pump. It debuted in stores in 2006. Sales and marketing efforts began in 2008. The pump sells for a bundled price of about $70, is very light (only 4.5 kg or less than 10 pounds), and can irrigate an acre. A great deal of work went into designing a super efficient valve box, but the genius of the design is a simple pivot hinge

By attaching a “Hand Pump” to a hinged platform, we’ve changed the body mechanics-- allowing users to use their leg, body weight, and momentum, rather than the small muscles of the upper back and shoulders. This allows the pump be easily used to irrigate an acre or more.

The Hip Pump can pull water from 7 meters and push water an additional 14 meters above the pump.

For more information on our pumps and technical specs, see our KickStart Pump Brochure.


As of December 1, 2015, over 39,579 have been sold.


Download a PDF version of our product brochure here.

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Increase a farming family's income from:

$150 per year before pump

$850 per year after pump

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