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Our Products

All KickStart products are designed with one purpose in mind: to help a person make enough money to lift their family out of poverty.

Stabilized Soil Block Press

Stabilized Soil Block Press

Affordable shelter will always be in demand and KickStart has developed the Stabilized Soil Block Press, which makes strong building blocks from soil and cement. The "ActionPac Stabilized Soil Block Press" was one of KickStart's first technologies.

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Cooking Oil Press

Cooking Oil Press

KickStart's manually operated "Mafuta Mali" oilseed press has proved to be the most popular cooking oil press for sunflower and sesame seeds in the East and Central African region.

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Design Criteria

Each of our products must be:

Part of a highly profitable business model


Safe and efficient

Portable and storable

Easily installed and repaired

Useable without training

Strong and durable

Made from common materials

Culturally appropriate

Environmentally sustainable

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You Can Help

Increase a farming family's income from:

$150 per year before pump

$850 per year after pump

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Measurable Success

140,000 jobs created to date.

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