Keep Africa’s farms bountiful year-round

Join our community of donors empowering farmers to harness the power of irrigation and tackle poverty on their own terms. KickStart’s Evergreen Circle is a determined community of monthly givers, committed to building sustainable economic opportunities for families across Sub-Saharan Africa—and they understand this mission takes time and consistency.

Invest in a farmer-led future

With their recurring gifts, members of the Evergreen Circle fuel KickStart’s work, ensuring more farming families can produce food and earn income year-round, adapt to climate change, and invest in their individual futures. Your consistent support means more farmers can obtain the tools and training they need to grow their farms into profitable businesses, no matter the season. Each gift means more families have this powerful opportunity.

Meet the farmers the Evergreen Circle supports

  • Mercy Ngeno, 30

    “I did not know there were pumps that small farmers like me could use and irrigate – I thought only big farms did irrigation with enormous machines.” Mercy earned 50,000 shillings ($500 USD) from her first sale of cabbages, which she invested in a poultry business. She used the rest of the money to “thank herself and her family” for their efforts on the farm.

  • Micah Ochanga, 39 

    “My first harvest gave me 30,000 shillings ($300 USD) in profits, I couldn’t believe it.” With his new income, Micah replaced the grass thatched house which used to leak when it rained, sends his kids to school, and has purchased a dairy cow.

  • Pascal Mukudi, 50 

    “My family eats better and we have saved a lot of money. My wife works so hard on the farm, but soon we can earn enough money for her salon business this season. Her passion is in beauty.”

  • Beatrice Keter, 32 

    “This pump came to save our lives. When I was carrying the little pump home the day, I doubted its ability to change our livelihood.” Beatrice earned 30,000 shillings ($300 USD) from her first season—and now the pump is helping her entire community “This pump rotates here in the village. We are privileged to have it.”

  • Ronald Too, 41 

    With his MoneyMaker Max, Ronald supports his family of five – sending all three children to primary school. Ronald makes 800 USD a year from four cycles of crops, rotating sweet potatoes, tomatoes, spinach carrots, and green peas across four subdivided plots. 

Why give monthly?

You can easily link your credit card to a monthly donation, so you won’t need any reminders—all while making a bigger impact through smaller increments. With each donation, you make a significant difference, enabling steady change—farmer by farmer. Plus, you’ll receive the following benefits from KickStart:

  • Exclusive quarterly newsletters, offering an inside look into our new projects and the lives of our farmers
  • Invitations to webinars hosted by KickStart and our partners
  • Recognition in our Annual Report
  • Annual acknowledgement of your individual impacts with your year-end tax receipt
  • A small gift as a token of our appreciation

Join the Evergreen Circle today

If you’re interested in becoming a member, we invite you to reach out to