MoneyMaker Starter Pump

Our newest and most affordable pump allows farmers just starting out to effectively adopt irrigation into their daily lives – and turn even a small garden into a thriving business.  At just 2.5 kg, the Starter Pump is ultra-portable, making it easy to carry, even for those with a long walk to their farms. Expertly designed and highly durable, the Starter Pump is human-powered through body and leg movements, making it accessible and user-friendly for farmers of all genders and ages. The Starter Pump comes bundled with hosepipes, a spray nozzle, and a surge chamber, which enables a constant water flow and it to be used with a sprinkler. It is the lowest-cost irrigation technology on the market today.

Ideal for: rural and urban farmers with small plots and big ambitions.

Product Specifications
Irrigation Capacity1.0 acres/day
Pumping Rate30 liters/min
Suction Depth6 m (19 ft)
Pumping Height13 m (43 ft)
Push Distance150 m (492 ft)
Weight2.0 kg

“When I left a larger portion of land for vegetable farming this season instead of planting maize, my neighbors said I would starve. I’m proving them wrong.  I already have people pre-ordering my vegetables for once they are ready.”

Jackson Aketch


See the MoneyMaker Starter Pump in action

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