MoneyMaker Max Pump

Our best-selling human-powered treadle irrigation pump turns a small vegetable plot into a thriving commercial business in just one season. This water pump functions much like a simple Stairmaster machine (but minus the effort), designed to operate through easy stepping motion. Like all our products, the MM-Max can be used with sprinklers and is designed to meet the unique needs of Africa’s farmers, with the durability to last. 

Ideal for: All farmers ready to scale up their business, especially those with plots up to 2 acres.

Product Specifications
Irrigation Capacity2 acres/day (0.8 ha)
Pumping Rate60 liters/min
Suction Depth7 m (23 ft)
Pumping Height14 m (46 ft)
Push Distance200 m (656 ft)
Weight16 kg

“While other farmers were severely impacted by the effects of Covid-19 and lockdown, Florence and her husband report making $300-350 USD weekly income throughout dry season. The MoneyMaker pump now enables them to keep and use this earned income for the benefit of their household and the school fees of their daughter in tertiary institution.”

Florence Olaniyi


See the MoneyMaker Max Pump in action

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