MoneyMaker Hip Pump

Our human-powered, hip-operated irrigation pump is perfect for small but growing farms. With the capacity to turn small-scale farmers into commercial business owners, the Hip Pump is intuitive and easy to use. This mid-sized option is highly affordable, with the durability to last. 

Ideal for: Small but growing farms, with plots up to 1.25 acres

Product Specifications
Irrigation Capacity1.25 acres/day
Pumping Rate40 liters/min
Suction Depth7 m (23 ft)
Pumping Height14 m (46 ft)
Push Distance200 m (656 ft)
Weight4.5 kg

Youth farmer, Dolapo, has increased his nursery capacity to 20,000 seedlings a year, which he sells to local tree crop farmers. He is projecting to earn up to 4 million Naira ($8,000) from his palm seedlings sales this year – a 400% increase in income.

Dolapo Oduntan


See the MoneyMaker Hip Pump in action

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