Peter Juma

President & Chief Operating Officer, KickStart International

Nairobi, Kenya

Peter Juma joined KickStart in 2003 as a Finance and Admin Officer in Western Kenya, but was quickly promoted to Country Head of Finance, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Finance Director, and in 2012 Global Director of Finance, IT & Supply Chain, where he put in place systems that transformed KickStart’s operational efficiency, business processes, and financial management. In 2019 KickStart’s Board of Directors appointed Peter as President & COO in charge of all KickStart’s operations across Africa. Today he leads KickStart’s partnerships and sales, supply chain, innovations, impact monitoring, finance, IT and HR teams, and he works closely with the CEO and Board of Directors to drive high-level strategies and to build and lead relationships with key partners and donors. Peter holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from the University of Nairobi Business School, and amongst many post-graduate trainings, he has attended courses at both Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School. Most recently he was an inaugural graduate of the Advanced Leadership Program at the Center for African Leadership in Agriculture (CALA), and he is a regular speaker at conferences and events about agriculture and irrigation in Africa.

Prior to joining KickStart, Peter worked across multiple business sectors at the Ramco Group. And as a fully qualified CPA and ACCF accountant, he has extensive skills in accounting and finance, and experience putting in place and turning-around, systems and processes in commercial, manufacturing, and nonprofit organizations.

Why KickStart?

“It has been a true honor and privilege to implement KickStart’s mission these past 17 years, and now, to serve this community by leading the organization. KickStart will continue as a trailblazer in social innovation, committed to amplifying the voices of smallholder farmers and enabling agency through smart technology. I look forward to working together to scale, innovate, and advocate on behalf of enterprising farmers and their families across Africa.”