Nancy Muindi

Program and Marketing Coordinator

Nairobi, Kenya

Nancy is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for KickStart’s MoneyMaker Irrigation Pumps, increasing brand awareness, and building organizational integrity as leading affordable and effective irrigation strategies across the continent. She also works with

partners and farmers to ensure effective correlation and development of farmer-led solutions based on customer satisfaction and feedback.

Previously, she has worked with the Agricultural Society of Kenya in planning and managing both local and international exhibitions, and with Eveready East Africa PLC in managing product marketing and new product launches. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing from Egerton University, as well as a CPA certification.

When she is not working, Nancy will be cooking a nice meal for her family or reading a book.

Fruit & Veggie: Apple & Mango

Why KickStart?

“Getting to work directly with farmers gives me firsthand information on what KickStart’s technologies can do. Listening to a farmer narrate their success story while farming with our pump, with such a smile on their face, gives me so much satisfaction.”