Memory Mtambo

Partnerships and Development Officer

Eastern Province, Zambia

Memory joined KickStart’s team in Zambia in 2016, and works to expand the reach of small scale irrigation pumps across the Eastern Region. As a Partnerships and Development Officer, Memory works with a diverse set of partners, including local government agencies, NGOs, and agro-dealers, to reach their wide networks of smallholder farmers. Memory also leads horticulture practices on site selection, the establishment of nurseries, planting, organic pest and disease management, crop rotation, as well as post-harvest methods, with KickStart’s farmers and partners.

Memory obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from the University of Lusaka, and went on to get her MBA from Atlantic International University. In addition, Memory obtained a degree in Agribusiness Management from Mulugushi University, in association with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Cooperative College.

Favorite Fruit & Veggie: Bananas, oranges, mangoes, & strawberries, and rape, okra, cabbage, & spinach.

Why KickStart?

“The unity and support KickStart gives to its employees to reach their full potential in their career and work. I am inspired by the vision of success to take million out of poverty quickly and sustainably, and in doing so, change the way the world fights poverty. We see untapped entrepreneurial drive in the world’s poorest people and harness this potential for massive change.”