Faustin Migisha

Rwanda Partnerships and Development Officer

Kigali, Rwanda

Faustin joined KickStart in 2019 as Partnership & Sales Officer in Rwanda. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering, with honors in irrigation and drainage systems, from the University of Rwanda.

Prior to joining KickStart’s team, Faustin worked as Project Manager at INNOVATECHS, where he steered agriculture extension work in collaboration with Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB), and where he designed and implemented small scale irrigation projects.

Favorite Fruit and Veggie? Bananas & Avocados, and Spinach & Broccoli

Why KickStart? Kickstart believes that with either acres or inches, farmers are capable of meeting the expected rising food demand. At KickStart, we learn to think independently, and act as a team. Everyday, I am inspired by how cost-effectively small scale irrigation can unlock significant potential for increased crop production, and a more stable income for Rwandan farmers.