Dena Janos

Donor Engagement Officer

New Jersey, USA

Dena joined KickStart in 2022 and is responsible for supporting the management of KickStart’s individual donor portfolio, database maintenance, and fundraising analytics. Dena coordinates donor communications, the board and audit committee, and supports our social media platforms. She has a professional background in fundraising administrative support and project management for advocacy organizations.

Dena has a MSc in Humanitarian Action from University College Dublin, where she worked alongside a wide variety of international students. Supported by her BA in Sociology from William Paterson University, Dena’s education has shaped her worldview. Growing up in rural New Jersey, Dena is no stranger to the benefits of a prosperous local food market and how the effects of climate change, even with substantial water infrastructure, impacts harvests and in turn, increase food costs. With her life experience and educational background, Dena identifies strongly with the mission and vision of KickStart.

When she is not online, Dena enjoys traveling, hiking the Appalachian Mountains, and exploring new cafes, breweries, and local craft markets.