Abubakar Shikanda

Product Technician, Product Intelligence and Design

Nairobi, Kenya

Abubakar has been a part of KickStart’s PID team since 2001, and plays a key role in the development of our product innovations.

Favorite Fruit & Veggie: Mangoes – because I grew up loving their sweet, soft, delicious goodness that tastes so good, like honey! Watermelon – they’re refreshing, juicy and yummy. And apples – which become sweeter as you eat! My favorite vegetables are indigenous to Africa: Amaranth – Lidodo, Black Nightshade – Lisutu, Shade Jute Plant – Muere, and Spider Plant – Tsisaka.

Why Kickstart?

“There are so many wonderful things about KickStart, but my favorite is the autonomy I am given. My supervisor believes in me and has allowed me to innovate, which has enabled me to gain a lot of knowledge. There is also very approachable leadership, with a culture of open communication, and everyone shares the organization’s vision. There is a family environment, where everyone is there for each other, and each employee is given flexibility to grow. I am constantly inspired by the direct involvement team members are given, allowing us to make decisions and find solutions to problems through team work.”