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  • Aqwalina Merengue
  • Patrick Bett
  • Anastacia Wangare Gitau
  • Hannah
Aqwalina Merengue

Aqwalina Merengue

Arusha, Tanzania

Aqwalina suffered for thirteen years living with an abusive husband. One day, he left her and their young son, Dennis, with nothing but the land under their feet.

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Patrick Bett

Patrick Bett

Rift Valley, Kenya

Regions of Kenya have been pillared by deforestation in recent years. Patrick is not only creating jobs for members of his community and lifting his family out of poverty, but he is growing over 170,000 tree seedling to replenish the forests.

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Anastacia Wangare Gitau

Anastacia Wangare Gitau

Near Nairobi, Kenya

Anastacia set up her own business with a Super MoneyMaker pump and she proudly tells us that today her daughter is at university in Denmark and her son is attending a top private school outside of Nairobi.

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"Now I am Somebody." After purchasing a MoneyMaker Hip Pump, Hannah can now afford her child's school fees and feels like she is somebody.

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Our farmers have a message for you ...

KickStart realized long ago that with affordable irrigation tools, poor smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa can go from not even growing enough food to feed their family to starting a profitable business selling their surplus crops. The no give-away model of our pumps empowers people and gives them the opportunity they deserve, instead of pity. They do the work, but you make all the difference. This holiday season, we are so thankful for all of your support. Now, watch the video, our farmers who have transformed their lives have a message for you too.

About KickStart

Our mission is to get millions of people out of poverty quickly, cost-effectively and sustainably. And, in doing so, change the way the world fights poverty.

A girl operating a MoneyMaker pump.

How We Do It

Our mission is to help millions of people out of poverty. We promote sustainable economic growth and employment creation. More »

A man performing maintenance on a MoneyMaker pump.

Where We Work

We're currently concentrating our efforts in rural areas of Kenya, Tanzania, Mali, Burkina Faso and opened a program in Zambia in 2012. More »

KickStart's FY2012 Annual Report


As of March 1, 2014

780,000People out of Poverty
155,000New Businesses Created

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"The Simple Water Pump That’s Changing Lives Across the World" - WIRED Magazine

"Nick Moon and Martin Fisher spent years working on development projects in Africa, only to see them fizzle. Giving stuff away wasn’t effective: Either the recipients didn’t want what they offered or the effort undercut local entrepreneurs. So in the...

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KickStart Featured in Huffington Post Blog: Changing the Game for Female Farmers

KickStart's MoneyMaker irrigation pumps are enabling women to produce more crops year round, start a small business selling her produce, and earns significantly more money. With new income, women are gaining more respect within their household and becoming more of...

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