Winter Newsletter 2020:
Our Farmers Need Help


Smallholder farmers are facing an unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods as giant swarms of desert locusts decimate crops. 

Billions of locusts, in swarms that span 3X the size of New York City, are ravaging eastern Africa. A single swarm can consume the same daily amount of crops as 35,000 people. The impacts have been devastating, spanning across Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, and Kenya.

Locusts announcement

Smallholder irrigation offers a sustainable solution.

Aquifers in East Africa are full from the rains, and locusts will not impact them. Instead of the usual response–offering food aid and stockpiling seeds/inputs for the next rainy season–access to irrigation enables farmers to immediately begin planting again, generating new harvests and critical income, long before the next rains arrive.

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NEID Event April 28

Join us for a special event in Boston, MA hosted by NEID and featuring KickStart’s Co-Founder, Dr. Martin Fisher.

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A thought-provoking discussion on ways to stimulate sustainable agriculture, improve food security, and provide climate-resilient solutions to enhance rural livelihoods. If you are outside of the Boston area, please forward this invitation to friends or family who may be interested in learning more about this critical global issue!

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