Patrick Bett
Rift Valley, Kenya

Regions of Kenya have been pillared by deforestation in recent years. Patrick is not only creating jobs in his community, but also contributing to the protection of the enviornment by growing tens of thousands of tree seedlings to help replenish local forrests.

Since buying a MoneyMaker pump just last year, Patrick Bett, 26, and his mother, Prisca Terer, have more than doubled their net farm income, as well as the amount of land they cultivate.

Growing cabbage, spinach, trees, tomatoes, and green beans, Patrick is able to provide nutritious food for both his family and community. He employs around 20 people from his community to work on his farm on a daily basis and makes enough money selling his produce to enable his wife Lydia, 23, to attend a university nearby and comfortably support their 8-month-old baby. He also has expanded his farm to include over 170,000 tree seedlings that he sells locally to both farmers in the area and to more commercial organizations working to replenish the forests in the region that have been devastated in recent years.