Fall Newsletter 2020:
Celebrate KickStart Farmers on #WorldFoodDay

World Food Day – Join Us in Supporting Smallholders

On World Food Day, we recognize the 500 million smallholder farmers around the world as our #FoodHeroes, who work every day to produce 80% of the food consumed across Asia and Africa. Despite these contributions to food supply systems, smallholders are one of the most vulnerable populations to food insecurity and poverty in the world.

The social and economic pressures of the pandemic have destabilized many people across the world, and in Africa—driving many to return to their rural homes and recoup farming as a viable source of income. KickStart’s teams are working to ensure our irrigation technologies and trainings are available to meet this urgent need. How can KickStart’s tools build a farmer-led response to recovery? Check out Michael’s story below to find out!

Congratulations to the World Food Programme for Winning the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize! 

“Until the day we have a medical vaccine, food is the best vaccine against chaos.” – WFP

We are honored to be working hand-in-hand with WFP teams to build irrigation and food production capacities across Africa by enabling greater resilience now and for the future. KickStart is thrilled to see growing recognition of the critical link between building food security and local production capacities with improvements to public health, nutrition, financial freedom, employment opportunity, and resilience to climate change.

Learn more about this award here.

In a moment that demands adaptation & innovations, 

We are seeing more farmers and partners using our tools to renew opportunity and secure flourishing livelihoods.

Michael Chiposa is a farmer in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia who worked for the government, where he earned $300 per month. Like many others affected by the pandemic, he was furloughed for 3 months without pay. When Michael looked to farming for an alternative income source, he found KickStart’s MoneyMaker irrigation pumps. He now harvests cabbages and tomatoes, and has a steady income stream of $150 a week – doubling his pay! Michael has decided to focus on farming and on expanding his agribusiness, to help support his wife and daughter, as well as to serve his community through nutritious harvests year-round.

Check out our team in Zambia visiting Michael here!

This #WorldFoodDay… 

We want to thank Michael—and all smallholders—who embody the spirit of resilience, determination, entrepreneurship, and who are helping to grow, nourish & sustain their communities.

You can help KickStart reach more farmers with the tools the thrive! 




Thank you for supporting KickStart! Because of the generosity of individuals like you, we can continue to help farming families to overcome the challenges of climate change, COVID-19, and future shocks, through bigger and more frequent harvests.