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Our 5 Step Process

Our Impact

Our Impact

KickStart Total Impact to Date

Impact Report as of December 1, 2015

Pumps Sold: 269,308

Enterprises Created: 200,000+

People Moved out of Poverty: 1,000,000

New Profits and Wages Generated Annually: $170 million

Cost for KickStart to enable one family out of poverty forever: $330

Cost per person moved out of poverty: $65

We could base our claims of success on the number of pumps we've sold to-date. But this tells us nothing about whether we are meeting our mission--helping people get out of poverty.

To know this we have to measure how much more money the buyers of our technologies earn as a result of owning them.

KickStart has developed a systematic, replicable method to measure our impacts. Every product comes with a one-year guarantee and every buyer fills out a guarantee form when they buy the product. The guarantee reduces the perceived risk of buying the product, and the forms give KickStart a database of all pump owners.

From this database, we select a statistically valid sample of recent purchasers. These customers are visited within a month of purchasing the products, before any impacts have been realized, then again at eighteen months, and again three-years after purchase.

Difficult. Time-Consuming. Priceless.

These visits are done by a team of two, always a man and woman to ensure that interactions with owners and their families are comfortable and culturally appropriate.

The initial visit is a challenge. There are no addresses in rural Africa. From the forms, we might know the closest church or school, but the farmers might live far outside of town, miles off the road. Our impact monitoring teams have to be persistent detectives to find a farmer.

Once we track down the farmer, our team will work to build rapport with the farmer. The conversations are long and wide ranging. What do they grow? How much land do they cultivate? What convinced them to buy the pump? We ask the questions in different ways to be sure the responses we are collecting are accurate and honest.

From these conversations we are able to get a baseline measurement of family income, health, and education. By the time we are done, we've forged a relationship.

We have a similar conversation on our repeat visits and compare the change in income and quality of life.

This is how we can offer our impact numbers with confidence. It also means we can introduce you to some extraordinary entrepreneurs who have changed their lives with a MoneyMaker pump.

Real Results, Not Proxies

The KickStart model grew out of the frustration that Martin Fisher and Nick Moon had with traditional aid and development efforts. They wanted to know that their efforts were creating real, lasting, and cost-effective change. This Impact Monitoring strategy has been an integral part of the KickStart model from the beginning. It is already considered one of the best in the sector and over the next few years, KickStart will be investing over $300,000 to make it even better!

You Can Help

Increase a farming family's income from:

$150 per year before pump

$850 per year after pump

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Measurable Success

190,000 jobs created to date.

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