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MoneyMaker Max

The MoneyMaker Max (MMM) is a unique, high-quality, human powered treadle irrigation pump, designed by KickStart International in 2011 and launched in 2012. With the look of a modified Stairmaster, the easy operation and high flow rate of the MMM allows farmers to irrigate up to 2 acres of land per day. It is a lower-cost and more cost-effective solution than motorized irrigation pumps which are hard to fuel, maintain and repair in rural Africa and have a lot of recurring costs.

The MMM weighs just 16kgs, pulls water from depths of up to 7 meters, pushes it to the field through a pressurized hosepipe and produces a maximum pumping head of 16 meters. This enables the MMM to push water up a hill, power sprinklers and be used with a hand-held nozzle to efficiently deliver the water directly to the crops.

The MMM is an improved version of KickStart’s best selling Super-MoneyMaker (SMM) treadle pump. It is more durable, 22% lighter weight, more rust resistant and substantially easier to operate. And like the SMM; farmers can easily transport it to and from their farm, it uses no fuel, and its user-centric design makes it easy to operate using the natural movements of the body in a Stairmaster like motion.

Download a PDF version of our product brochure here.

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