Jenna Rogers-Rafferty
Chief Partnership & Strategy Advisor
New York, NY

Jenna Rogers-Rafferty is KickStart International’s Chief Partnership & Strategy Advisor. She has dedicated much of her career to accelerating community-based organizations during their startup phase and held leadership positions with grassroots groups in Uganda, Liberia, and Staten Island, NY.

Jenna began working in East Africa while pursuing her undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics at the University of Notre Dame and, upon graduating, helped the university to launch the Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies & Solidarity. Jenna’s on-the-ground experience working with founding teams and local communities to identify needs and advantages, then design and execute programs, has enabled her to successfully fundraise for and communicate impact.

Jenna earned a Master’s in International Development from The New School and is passionate about replacing traditional charity with models that empower individuals to be the agents of their own change.