Alan Spybey
Director of Product Intelligence and Development
Nairobi, Kenya
Alan manages the Product Intelligence and Development department for KickStart, which is responsible for technology intelligence, new technology development, and validation of sourced equipment. New technology development includes design, redesign of existing technologies, manufacturing implementation, quality control systems and recurrent quality control. Alan holds a Certificate of Education in Design Technology from Shoreditch College, UK.

He is a graduate of the Open University (UK) with a BSc Hons in Mechanical Engineering. He has managed the Technical Development department at KickStart for 11 years, and prior to that worked for KickStart for 6 years on a project for upgrading informal craft businesses in Nairobi. Earlier he set up and ran for 13 years a small export-oriented manufacturing business catering for intellectually challenged adults, also in Nairobi. He is currently studying for an MBA with Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia.