By The Numbers
Pumps Sold
People out of Poverty
Businesses Created
12 million
People Fed Each Year
Jobs Created
$200 million
Annual New Farm Profits and Wages
1 person lifted out of poverty every 7 minutes
Farming families increase overall household income by 400%, on average.
Impact Monitoring
Difficult. Time-Consuming. Priceless.

KickStart could base our claims of success on the number of pumps we have sold alone, but that says nothing about whether or not we are meeting our mission—lifting people out of poverty. To truly understand and report our impacts, we have to measure how much more money farmers are earning with our pumps, as well as the direct improvements in their lives, including food security, improved nutrition, healthcare, and children’s education.


Collecting this information is challenging and time-consuming, but priceless. Many of our farmers live far off the grid and miles from the nearest paved road. Often, there are no addresses in rural Africa and only by locating the closest church or school can we pinpoint farmers’ homes. Luckily, our impact monitoring team is comprised of persistent detectives who are able to find the farmers.


Once we track down a farmer, our enumerators ask a series of questions about what and how much they grow, how much land they cultivate, household income, their children’s education, and diet to get a snapshot of their lives before any real tangible impacts. This is often referred to as the zero-age or baseline survey.


The same farmers are then visited 18-24 months later after measurable changes have occurred, and then again after three to four years. By this stage, a family should have optimized the use of the pump to suit their unique circumstances and the data collected paints a picture of how a family’s social and economic status has permanently changed.

Download our internal and external impact study results:

Success Stories
To date, over 230,000 families have created successful new farming businesses and are generating wealth with KickStart's MoneyMaker Pumps. We'd like to introduce you to a few of them.
Aqwalina Merengue Arusha, Tanzania
Aqwalina suffered the mistreatment of her abusive husband for thirteen years. One day, he left her and their young son, Dennis, with nothing but the land under their feet.

From Poverty to Prosperity:
Fabian & Nyina's Story
Meet Fabian and Nyina, a couple in rural Kenya who built such a successful farming business that they are able to support their family and members of their community, despite having limited experience and resources. This is their incredible story of how they purchased a KickStart irrigation pump, became prosperous members of their community, and paid it forward:
Herbert Masopo Chibombo, Zambia
1 in 5 people across Africa go hungry. Herbert isn't one of them--anymore.
A story by Herbert Masopo
Patrick Bett Rift Valley, Kenya
Regions of Kenya have been pillared by deforestation in recent years. Patrick is not only creating jobs...
Grace Ciamay Choma, Zambia
As a single mother living with HIV, the odds are stacked up against Grace. But she is a fighter.