About the Film

A Seed of Maize is a powerful short film by Emmy award-winning director Topaz Adizes. Filmed in his unique docudrama vérité style, A Seed of Maize follows a poor farming family as they face the biggest dilemma of their lives. Shot in rural Zambia, this raw and honest story explores some of the most pressing issues of our time—poverty, health, and girls’ education—against the backdrop of tradition, community, and family.

Producer: Ofir Kedar

A Seed of Maize - KickStart - Topaz Adizes   A Seed of Maize - KickStart - Topaz Adizes

About KickStart

KickStart International is an award-winning, nonprofit social enterprise with a mission to lift millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa out of poverty by enabling them to make a lot more money. KickStart designs and mass-markets durable yet affordable “MoneyMaker” branded irrigation pumps. With irrigation, small-scale farmers no longer depend on unreliable rainfall as the sole source of water for their crops—they are able to grow and sell produce throughout the year, properly feed their families, and transform their subsistence plots into profitable, full-time businesses that allow for investment in education and other opportunities. To date, over 200,000 entrepreneurial farmers have used KickStart’s technologies to lift themselves and their families—over one million people—out of poverty while securing local food supplies. KickStart is now scaling its proven model to reach another million people in 16 countries across sub-Saharan Africa by 2021.

Watch the short video below to learn more about KickStart and the real people whose lives have been changed by its work.

See the Film

A Seed of Maize is currently in the running for a number of film festivals. The film has not yet been released to the public and can only be viewed at private screenings.

Stay tuned for a screening near you or email info@kickstart.org to host your own.

February 11, 2017: Private Screening in Houston, Texas

April 19, 2017: Private Screening in San Francisco, California

May 9, 2017: Private Screening at ABC Carpet & Home, New York, New York (see photos)

KickStart film screening A Seed of Maize